Naked Cannon Ball
May 31 - July 25, 2009

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Since his move to California, Adam has been working as a director of photography shooting films with the likes of Nicolette Sheraton and Ray Winston - commercials for Coors, Olay, Nokia and Toyota. In keeping with a long time interest in music, Adam has also shot a multitude of music videos for artists like Snoop Dog, Ludacris, Alice Cooper, Seether, Yellow Card, Ramones, and a host of others - walking away with several nominations for MTV and MVPA awards. Adam is also in the running to be nominated for an Emmy for his work on the Wimbeldon Promo.

Artist Satement

The Cannon Ball series evolved out of photos I took to explore the nature of confinement, both physical and psychological. I used large pieces of plexi-glass to contain my subjects under water. While this process resulted in some beautiful images of the human form, I was surprised to discover an even more powerful sense of beauty resulting from the models process of coming to grips with their loss of control. And just as the models lost control of their bodies, their facial expressions, their pose, I lost control of the standard items in the photographer's toolbox - lights, crews, verbal direction, repetition of shots, or even the benefit of real underwater camera housing, which was too bulky and cumbersome for use in this series. The real beauty of the Cannonball series comes from that fact that the models aren't floating or at peace at all. Rather, they are hurling their bodies through the water as is seen in their skin, muscles, and faces and in the bubbles created as their bodies pierce the water. What I found during that process was the freedom that comes from capturing what cannot be manipulated. In the end I had to accept the unpredictability that comes with two people plunging into the unknown.

Curriculum Vitae

2009 "4x5", Frank Pictures Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

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