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Interior Alien Flowers, acrylic & glitter, 40x30, 2012

Hixon sprung onto the New York pop art scene with her distilled poetry glitter installations in the Fall of 2009. Recently she has completed work on her permanent installation of Super-Sized Dandelions for The Children’s Museum of Art in SoHo and installed the sensational “Glitter Room” at Verge Art Miami Beach, a satellite fair at Art Basel 2011. Hixon describes her paintings as "poetry fragments without the movement of melody." Her paintings of flowers are meditations where she seeks to "expand moments in time where ephemeral beauty becomes something more tangible."

Hixon is interested in lessening the intimidation and exclusivity surrounding art by making it interactive and available to everyone. In 2010 Hixon began a NYC-wide installation called the Missing Unicorn Project. She put up 1500 posters in Manhattan and within a few hours more than 1000 calls had been made to the Unicorn Hotline. Ordinary citizens from all over the world became artists and joined in a game of magic and infinite possibility by leaving elaborate phone messages, postings, and pictures detailing sightings of the Missing Unicorn.

Camomile’s work is currently on view at Maison 24 in New York City and at Chelsea's Tria Gallery. Outside of New York, her work is currently on display at the American Textile History Museum in Lowell, MA, and Dalton Pratt in Washington DC. Her works are held in both public and private collections.

Hixon’s glitter installations have caught the eye of arbiters of taste like Bob Novogratz of HGTV’s “Home by Novogratz”, who featured her art on September 10, 2011 and will feature her again in an episode set to air in April of 2012. Novogratz says of Hixon “Camomile is smart, fearless and unique - just like her art. Her art is very happy, positive and a little bit wiggy - in a great way.” In October 2011 Hixon’s Glitter Shoe Chandelier was featured on the nationally syndicated Wendy Williams Show.

camomile hixon

Glitterati, acrylic & glitter, 2012

Purple Alien Flowers, acrylic & glitter, 24 x 30, 2012

Exclamation, acrylic & glitter, 65x20, 2012

Dream, acrylic and glitter, 60x20, 2012

Mine's Bigger, acrylic & glitter, 36x72, 2012

FREE, acrylic & glitter, 24x48, 2012

Golden YES, acrylic & glitter, 30x40, 2012

Winter Berries, acrylic and glitter, 24x48, 2012

Desire, acrylic & glitter, 72x36, 2012

Muse, acrylic and glitter, 24x36, 2012

Crazy Diamond, 40x48, acrylic & glitter, 2012

Know, acrylic & glitter, 24x36, 2012

Silver Sands, acrylic & glitter, 48x48, 2012

Portal, acrylic & glitter, 12x24, 2012

Super Sized Soft Alien Flower, 48x72, 2012

Test Pattern, actylic, glitter, 24x36, 2012

XOXO, acrylic & glitter, 12x24, 2012

X-Ray Alien Flowers, acrylic, glitter, 36" x 40"

Are You For Real, acrylic, glitter, 38" x 36"

Blue City, acrylic, glitter, 60" x 36"

Golden Sparks, acrylic, glitter, 30" x 30"

Off The Grid in Orange, acrylic, glitter, 24" x 30"

Garden Branches, acrylic, glitter, 20" x 20"

Full Moon Midnight Sky, acrylic, glitter, 30" x 24"

Art Basel Installation

Art Basel Installation

Art Basel Installation

Super-Sized Dandellions, permanent lobby exhibit at SOHO's Children's Museum of the Arts.


The Missing Unicorn

The History of univorns and the case of one gone missing in New York City




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