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Fulvue, 6" x 6" x 9", found books, found maps, glue, resin, dye pigment, 2011

Ching Ching Cheng was born in Taiwan and educated at the Art Center College of Design. Although the sculpture she creates by hand are facsimiles of actual objects (cameras) created from other tangible objects (books) they really exist as conceptual works speaking to issues of memory and personal history. “My work gives an intimate and personal account of my own experiences, while simultaneously encouraging the viewer to recall their own. I present subject matter outside the self from this psychological position. Ultimately, there is no definitive subject, but only a meditation on personal experience and emotion”, says Ching. “Polaroid is composed completely of old book pages I collected from various flea markets, garage sales, pawnshops and swap meets throughout Los Angeles. I individually sealed each page with an adhesive, reading or skimming each page as I went along. The form of the Polaroid pays homage to my own Polaroid, which I was able to fix, yet still unable to access the memories created and lives touched by the machine, much like the pages of found books.” This year Ching has participated in two museum shows “Random Acts Of Time” at OCCCA, Orange County and the Craft And Folk Art Museum, Los Angeles as well as solo exhibitions at DAC Gallery, Olive DeLuce Gallery at Northwest Missouri State University, and artist-in-residency at 943 Studio in Kunming, China. She lives and works in Altadena, California.


Reverse Spook Eight, 5" x 9" x 10", found books, found maps, glue, resin, 2011

SX-70, 7" x 4" x 6", found books, glue, 2012

ching ching cheng
Electric Eye, 8" x 11" x 6", found books, found maps & glue, 2012

ching ching cheng
Argus 127, found books, found maps, glue, resin, dye pigment, 11" x 9" x 5", 2012






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