Urban Vinyl
May 31 - July 25, 2009

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The Bird Is The Word, 2008

David/Dissected, 2008

Rust Boy, 2008

ReTardy, 2008


Hailing from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Schaefer has had a long career as both a director of still photography and lighting director. In his personal creative work, Schaefer’s focus is on ‘Low Brow’ art; where his photographs are of ‘Urban Vinyl’ or odd toys made by underground designers and illustrators. Schaefer captures the spirit of these bizarre creations in his striking series where the toys come alive in unusual settings.

Artist Satement

"I began this project on Urban Vinyl Artworks as an exploration of both the Urban Vinyl collecting world and my interpretaion of the effect these objects have on my imagination. My interest in Urban Vinyl stems not just from the amazing pieces I've collected, but from the fact there are thousands of more pieces out there that I love, hate, or simply have no idea how to respond to. It is a genre with only one rule, follow your vision and persevere until your idea becomes a reality, then go do it again. this project was created in that spirit.

I tried to created and tailor eah of these images for the individual artworks without regrd for the project as a whole. I trusted that the core ideas generating the images would unify them as a cohesive body of work, expressing concepts and insights I may not have fully understood when beginning this process, but enjoyed as I followed the path thes objects lead me through to reach these final images."

Curriculum Vitae

1982 BFA, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA

2009 "4x5" Group Show, Frank Pictures Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
1992 "Local 600", International Cinematographers Guild, Los Angeles, CA

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