Powder, 2008

Blue Room With Chair, 2008

Green Skylight, 2008

Red Carpet One, 2008


John Fitzpatrick lives and works in Los Angeles.

Artist Satement

Photographed in abandoned industial structures in California's Central Valley, the images of "Quiet Apocalypse" capture a paradoxical moment of decay and growth, when human constructions return to nature furthering my interest in making the ugly beautiful, rather than capturing an already appealing image. Vivid colors and deep focus draw the viewer into the spaces, where the rotting subject becomes fragile, and like all human endeavors is subject to inevitable decline and decay. Color enhancement is held to a minimum; rather I strip away distracting colors to focus the scene on my impression rather than reality.

Curriculum Vitae


1996 BA, New York University, New York, NY


2008 A&I Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


2009 "4x5", Frank Pictures Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
2009 Cathexis, Los Angeles, CA
2008 Cathexis, Los Angeles, CA

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