Tom Benedek

Tom Benedek's first novel, Peloponnesia, will be published in 2011. Tortured Narrative explores the raw states of a completed text, the manuscript of this novel. The photographs and sculptures in Tortured Narrative use physical drafts of this text in manuscript form, galleys and proof editions to establish visual representations of the emotional states inherent in the transition of imagined, written creations to print and paper forms through publication and into other states mandated by the passage of time. These visual representations seek to embody the universals of literary creation, of the writer's practice as the writing itself ferments, dissolves, reconfigure naturally in the writer's mind beyond the final text on the printed page.


Crackpot Pages #1

Dirty Book #1

Dirty Book #2

Scentence Roots #1

Writers Block of Ice #1

Writers Block of Ice #2


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