David Settino Scott





Young women IX
Oil on panel
28” x 26”


Young women VIII
Oil on panel
38” x 32”

Young women VII
Oil on panel
32” x 28”

Young women X
Oil on panel
75” x 45”

Young women VI
Oil on panel
28” x 25”

Young women V
Oil on panel
45” x 34”


Young women II
Oil on panel
32” x 27”

Young women IV
Oil on panel
33” x 28”

Young women I
Oil on panel
35” x 26”


Young women III
Oil on panel
32” x 31”


Laura III
Oil on panel
23” x 24”


Young women XII
Oil on panel
36” x 32”


Young women XIV
Oil on panel
24” x 24”


Young women XV
Oil on panel
24” x 24”




Claire, Pregnant
Oil on panel
83” x 41”


Claire, pregnant IV
Oil on panel
48” x 73”


Women I
Oil on paper
18” x 25”


Women II
Oil on paper
18” x 25”


Women II
Oil on paper
18” x 25”


When I began these works I was initially interested in the problems of contemporary youth, their self destructive behavior, the addictions to dangerous substances and activities. The physical effects are obvious, depression, self-abuse, multiple tattoos, bulimia, anorexia, the cutting and piercing of the skin, and, of course, the drugs, legal and illegal, to anesthetize their chronic psychological pain. And narcissism. A sort of paralysis or apathy is common along with a need for attention. I have learned that narcissism originates in infancy. Psychologists tell us that when a child is denied some important need, the choices he or she subsequently makes are influenced by that early experience of deprivation. As I worked on these images with paint, I began to see further into the damage of my own psyche. My own narcissism became clearer to me. Looking into these images on canvas, I was truly gazing into that original pool of water, and I was mesmerized by my own reflection. We all have been wounded in some way, some of us more severely than others. It was not just contemporary youth that I was describing; I came to see the paintings as specific metaphors for the psychological damage in us all.

David Settino Scott
May 15, 2007


The Slave Paintings and Slave Ship Sculpture

I am always looking for content, I am inspired by that content which will motivate me to work. Initially I was attracted to the early American paintings of sailing ships. A simple archetypal image, (a ship in the iconography of art, represents the soul on its journey through time). I was seeking some kind of content that would carry the work along. I painted ghost ships, death ships, sinking ships, and a ship on fire. Then I ran out of juice. It was only when the thought of slave ships came to me that I could not wait to get into the studio and work. An abundance of content was at my finger tips. During the years between 1500 and 1860 it is estimated that over 15 million human beings were transported from Africa to the New World. It was a forced migration of epic proportions. They were delivered solely for the purpose of creating wealth and serving the economic desires of a few fellow human beings. The 15 million were treated as cargo, a commodity to be traded or sold. The inhumanity and horrible brutality of the slave trade was outlawed by Britain in 1825, and a blockade was established along the African coast. Loathe to give up their profits, slavers continued their murderous rendition until the 1860's. Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What were the choices that brought us to be here today? Who made them? Were they forced or voluntary? Migrations are a natural activity of our species. Many factors contribute to the movement of human populations. Over the centuries human populations have constantly shifted and merged with one another, these movements have brought us all together here today, upon this beautiful planet.


Slave Ship, James Bird Jr., In Memory 6/7/98
2001 - 2006
Mixed media, wood, wire, encaustic, glass display case
29”h x 53”w x 15”d


Slave Ship VI
Oil on paper
43” x 49”


Slave Ship V
Oil on paper
43” x 49”


Slave Ship IV
Oil on paper
37” x 42”


Slave Ship III
Oil on paper
37” x 42”


Slave Ship VII
Oil on paper
43” x 49”


Sinking Slaver
Oil on paper
43” x 49”


David Settino Scott works full time as an artist in his studio in San Miguel. He also teaches an art class in the evenings at Cuesta College. David has worked as a flight instructor, giving flying lessons in the L.A. area. He has also created sets for special visual effects. Star Wars and Caddy Shack are among his screen credits. Through his work in film David gained knowledge and experience with many different types of materials. This experience has given David much freedom in creating three dimensional work. Thus, sculpture is an integral part of his art experience, and he has had important solo shows of his sculptural works as well as his paintings in museums and private galleries.

A Pure Working, an installation comprised of twelve sculptural busts and a 9 x 12 foot screen has been presented at the Fresno Art Museum and the Riverside Art Museum. It will next be shown at the San Luis Obispo Art Center in June of 2008. These works honor the Buddhist monks and the eight Americans who had self-immolated as protest of the Viet Nam War.

David grew up in Los Angeles, where he dropped out of high school and joined the Navy. It was at that time that the desire to create art overwhelmed him, and he began his studies. Upon leaving the Navy, he traveled to Europe visiting the many museums. He has been making art ever since.

“For me content is everything. It is what inspires me to work. In some of my works the content is narrative in form. These works tell stories. In my other pieces, such as the flower paintings, it is likely to be more subtle and more like a visual poem. And at other times, when I want to make a statement about a particular social issue, I try to make a succinct and universal image that works as a metaphor that does not name names, partake of fashion, or rely on explicit contemporary symbols. I look for an archetypal image, one that will feel at home in any century or cultural milieu.... For me art is merely a language which, like music, transcends speech or the written word. One does not need to speak Japanese to understand Hokusai, or French to see what Monet perceived, or understand German to appreciate Mozart.”


Selected Solo Shows
Frank Pictures Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 2007
New Figure Paintings, Steynberg Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA 2007
Tops Gallery, Malibu, CA 2006
Kathleen Dinan Gallery, Ojai, CA 2005
A Pure Working, Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA 2005
Susan Street Gallery, Solana Beach, CA 2003
A Pure Working, Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA 2000
A Pure Working, San Luis Obispo Art Center, San Luis Obispo, CA 2000
The Practice of Art Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA 2000
Vault Gallery, Cambria, CA 1999
Diane Jensen Gallery, Edgartown, MA 1998
The Practice of Art, The Human Series, Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, CA 1994
The Practice of Artâ, The Human Series, Fullerton College, Fullerton, CA 1994
Koplin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 1994
Authority Figures, Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA 1993
Harcourts Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1992
Koplin Gallery, Santa Monica, CA 1991
Henri Gallery, Washington D.C., 1990
San Luis Obispo Art Center, San Luis Obispo, CA 1990
Harcourts Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1989
Koplin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 1989
Cuesta College Art gallery, San Luis Obispo. CA 1988
Koplin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 1988
Turske-Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 1987
Matrix Gallery, Sacramento, CA 1985
Roger Morrison Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 1984

Selected Group Shows
Mt San Antonio College, Pomona, CA 2000
Blessings and Beginnings, Skirball Museum, Los Angeles, CA 1996-1997
USA Within Limits, Documenta, Sao Paolo, Brazil, 1994
The Mythic Figure, California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA 1993
Americans and Their Cars, Museum of Our National Heritage,Lexington, MA 1993
Ten Years of Printmaking, Works from Magnolia Editions, California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, CA 1993
LA Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987, 1986
The Artist and Myth, Monterey Peninsula Museum, Monterey, CA 1987
New American Artists, Turske and Turske Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland 1987
Art from the Heart, Sonoma State University, Sonoma, CA 1987
Pure Vision, California state University, San Bernardino, CA 1986
Four California Painters, Turske Whitney Gallery, Loas Angeles, CA 1986
Uncovering the Past: Tribute and Parody, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA 1986
Summer Show, Fona Whitney gallery, Los Angeles, CA 1986
Dexter Gallery, California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, CA 1986
Christmas Show, Fiona Whitney Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 1985
Post Funk, Satrical Art Since 1970, Palo Alto Cultural Center, Palo Aalto, CA 1985
Art as Symbol, Downey Museum of Art, Downey, CA 1985
Roger Morrison Gallery, Los Angeles CA 1984
Electro Kinetic Box Art, Museum of Neon Art, Los Angeles, CA 1983

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Selected Collections

Corporate Collections
Ma Maison Soffitel, Beverly Hills, Ca
Tokyo Granary Exchange, Tokyo, Japan
Television Inspection Equipment, Bethesda, MD
AGI, Central Hong Kong
AGI, Tokyo, Japan
Museum Collections
Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
Fresno Art Museum, Fresno CA

Selected Private Collections
Iwano Colombo, Zurich, Switzerland
Annette Fioravanti, Prato, Italy
Harriet squire, Malibu CA
Walter Hill, Beverly Hills, CA
Steve Cohen, Santa Monica, CA
John and Jessica Nava, Ojai, CA
Edith Moss, New Fairfield, CT
John and Miriam Kelly, San Marino, CA
Janice Karman, Ross Bagdasarian, Montecito, CA
Richard Hobbet, Santa Fe, NM
Louis and Linda Bernstein,santa Monica, CA
James Taylor, Malibu, CA
Katherine Ross, Malibu CA
Jennifer Jones, Beverly Hills, CA
James Turrell, flagstaff, AZ
Louis John Carlino, Langley, WA
Jonathan Gries, Santa Monica, CA
Barry Horn, Marina del Rey, CA
Jane Sindell, Beverly Hills, CA
Betty and Jerry Dector, Beverly hills, CA
P. Moss, Los Angeles, CA
Susan Silton, Los Angeles, CA
Ron Lakey, St. Louis, MO
Karla Simon, Washington, DC
Dagmar Kniepp, Cologne, Germany
Marc and Dale Norman, Pacific Palisades, CA
Diana Browning, Suisun City, CA
Joel and Mette Brokaw, Santa monica, CA
Howard Zucker, Beverly Hills, CA
Bruce and Loveday Raben, Beverly Hills, CA
Dean Pitchford, New York, NY
Eve and Terry Herndon, Carlisle, MA
Donna Carr, Los Angeles, CA
Stan and Judy Coleman, Marina Del Rey, CA
Guy and Leone Webster, Ojai, CA
Jeffrey Balish, Beverly Hills, CA
Jack Chachkes, New York, NY
Rusty Le Morande, Los Angeles, CA
Joanne Busatil, Los Angeles, CA
Laura Greunther, Los Angeles, CA
Dennis Turner, Los Angeles, CA
George Nagano, Cayucos, CA
Olga Seem, Glendale, CA
Barton and Vicki Myers, Los Angeles, CA
Rick Pulley, Grand Rapids, MI
Bruce and Donna Polishar, Los Angeles, CA
Mimi Moore, Denver, CO
Michael McCullough, Corona Del Mar, CA
Raul Jones, Bethesda, MD
Ann Richardson, Potomac, MD
Brooks Joslin, West Hartford, CT
Don and Era Farnsworth, Oakland, CA
Gregory and Anna Nava, Ojai, CA
Mel and Robin Ritter, Tuscon, AZ
Donald Seiler, Atherton, CA
Susan Jalonek, Palo Alto, CA
Jeff Kahan, Schaumberg, IL
Susan Sarandon, New York, NY
Brian and Corky Grazer, Malibu, CA
Andrea Guild, Malibu, CA
Jean-Marie Webster, Malibu, CA
Jeff Greenberg, Los Angeles, CA
Tracy Weston, Los Angeles, CA
Valerie Mendez, Pacific Palisades, CA
Debra Ferrell, Hong Kong, China
Mark Park, Los Angeles, CA
John and Cass Dykstra, Sherman Oaks, CA
Mary Steenburgen, Ojai, CA
Nicole Fons, Ojai, CA
Ellen Sklarz, Ojai, CA
Jacqueline Rubenstein, Montecito, CA
Krista Bakula,Ojai, CA
Ted Danson, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Hector Elizondo, Sherman Oaks, CA
Carolee Campbell, Sherman Oaks, CA
Richard Dysart, Santa Monica, CA
Kathryn Jacobi, Santa Monica, CA
Max and Cheryl Batzer, New York, NY
Julianne Bloomer, Ojai, CA
Robert and Lynn Rembert, Toluca Lake, CA
Ruth Fash, Carmel, CA
Doug De Palma, Morro Bay, CA
Larry and Laurie David, Pacific Palisades, CA
Jamie Spitzley, Cambria, CA
Dr. Gerald Frank, Los Angeles, CA
Larry and Dee Mollin, Santa Monica, CA
Bill and Beth Turner, Long Beach, CA
Helene Gordon, Ojai, CA
Whoopi Goldberg, Malibu, CA
Anthony Hopkins, Malibu, CA
Tom and Joanne Ashe, Placitas, NM
Wendy Brigode, Encino, CA
Chuck and Donna Oken, Claremont, CA
Laura Dern, Los Angeles, CA
Ed Harris and Amy Madigan, Malibu, CA
Walter Teller and Claudia Weill, Martha’s Vineyard, MA
Ken and Jill Iscol, Pound Ridge, NY
John Tupper, Ridgefield, CT
Randon Garver, Morro Bay, CA
Doug Paul, Iowa City, Iowa
Michael Taggart, Ojai, CA
John and Diane Laughney, Templeton, CA
Christy Kelly, Templeton, CA
Pam Putney, West Tisbury, MA