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Fabrice Berger Remond


Fabrice Remond

Fabrice Berger-Remond
43" x 28" painting

Fabrice Berger-Rémond was born in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France on January 8, 1967 to a woman who had been drawn as a child by Picasso. From the beginning, he was an artist: by the time he was 12, Fabrice had been around the world with Les Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois, performing for royalty, political dignitaries and general audiences in countries in every corner of the world. After making several recordings, movies and television shows with the Little Singers, Fabrice worked his voix de tête at Paris Opéra and studied pop at Le Petit Conservatoire de Mireille. By seventeen, Fabrice had developed a pop singing voice, and had recorded an album with Yves Montand. Voice gave way to literature with studies at Lycée Claude Debussy, and literature gave way to art when Fabrice attended l’Ecole Boulle in architecture and visual communication, and at night l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in painting. While he was learning the new language of painting, Fabrice wrote interviews with the likes of Sonia Rykiel and Paco Rabanne for French and Japanese magazines, designed sweaters for Anny Blatt, and was eyewear-designer Alain Mikli’s art director for a year, creating concepts for Elle Magazine branded products, Claude Montana and Ray-Ban. At the same time, Fabrice developed a genre of painting which married his passion for language (puns and humor run through all of his work) with his nearly literal addiction to color: he began a bold series of paintings on newspaper. Here, Fabrice’s word language is composed of a vast palette of colors, layered over the headlines of the day from wherever he was in the world, Fabrice literally makes the news more colorful, and makes sly reference to what people perceive as important events in the world around them. Knowing that his talents were too constrained in these roles, Fabrice left Europe and landed in Tokyo for the first solo exhibition of his painting, at Seed SEIBU, in September of 1989. with the helps of forty –three assistants, he constructed the triumphal centerpiece of the exhibition: a nine-story multimedia celebration of the City of Paris. That wildly successful show led to continuous exhibitions in Tokyo and Paris and Los Angeles, and to such a paroxysm of notoriety--L’Officiel de Paris awarded Fabrice the title of “chef de file” of the New Art Communication movement—that Fabrice retreated to New York to write his book The Green Tree. In 1992, Fabrice won a commission from the Cannes Film Festival Organization to paint an immense canvas commemorating the 45th Festival. The high acclaim he received for his jubilant, colorful painting led to further solo exhibitions in Paris—where his work began to appear in prestigious auction houses—and at the Beaux-Arts School in Guadalajara and Los Angeles. Fabrice now exhibits his paintings around the world, and his work is represented in a growing number of collections of entertainers, royalty and art enthusiasts alike. Fabrice continues to amaze the public with constant change and brilliance. From a huge installation in Tokyo, to a monumental canvas in Cannes, to designing limited editions for the French carpet manufacturer Toulemonde Bochart, telephone cards for French telecommunications group PTT, to a shared exhibition with Annie Leibovitz in Dallas, to a ten-year retrospective at the Moulin Pal Cézanne—Fabrice’s work is his personal diary of the color of life! Today, Fabrice is back in the south of France and is painting.